Brackish Waters

Bye-Bye to


by JV Myka, Editor of One World Pool

Since One World Pool began posting stories, articles, vignettes, reviews and a slew of categorical musings, has been its home. Now, to be fair, it was supposed to be just a blog site, but it kind of took on a life of its own and well, it became much more. Recently, there has been a demand for more stories and reviews from us. But the host site has been problematic. Even though everything has been in order and no improprieties have been committed, the website has been plagued with downtime, server issues and just simply blacked out. Some say hackers are to blame, others think mismanagement by the server company. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is our content is in limbo and we simply cannot remain in the shadows of some conspiracy theory.

So today and here on forward, we begin a new chapter on a host site we should have started with in the first place. will be the new home for One World Pool. And we ask our readers to be patient, as it will take a little time to repost content from the other site. Our “Hall of Fame” category will surely get a whole bunch of new entries at some point. But rest assured those reviews of bands, venues, movies, and political talk, as well as stories and all those interesting topics we cover on One World Pool will continue. We are asking for your support as we transition and settle into our new home. Stay tuned for new postings in the days and weeks to come.


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