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SupaFi-64: Online Radio Talk Show for Fiction, Music and More


When Jay Long set out to launch his radio program, SupaFi64, his intentions were to center a majority of its content on fiction books and some music reviews. It seemed to be the absolute best approach, since his passion lays with literary works and comes from a musical background. However, the other angle he included in this plan had to do with promoting independent music. Long was contacted by artists/musicians from around the country interested in participating in his program. The frenzy only made him rethink the configuration of his radio show, which eventually lead to split content: 50% fiction, 50% music oriented. A ying-yang in his radio program took shape and the stage was set for an expansion (to set a balance). And thus, a necessary evolution materialized.

Jay Long credits his years singing in his high school choir for this revelation of the show’s focus. In the early stages of SupaFi64, Jay was approached by a band who wanted to play the Warped Tour and needed help getting the votes to be considered. This was a turning point, and Long felt he should create a show around promoting this band and encouraging listeners to go on their website and get the votes they needed to get into Warped Tour. It evidently worked. It became clear music needed a more profound role in the show’s programming. Long admits there is no science to the selection process when choosing artists to feature on the show. Instead, he prefers to sift through submissions one by one and goes with the best ones. Though the show is dedicated to supporting and promoting musicians everywhere, Jay Long and his co-hosts Brandon, Joe and Andrew prefer to keep the shows clean and free of vulgarity. Integrity and quality are essentially what makes this radio show worth checking out anytime.

It’s been more than a year that SupaFi64 has been online and it continues to grow as a promotional engine for the literary works they feature, as well as the musical groups, artists, movie reviews, and various other categories. One terrific aspect of the show’s home, Blogtalk Radio, is it archives all of their shows, so listeners can go back to the very first show and play back guests featured up to the present time. SupaFi64 exists because there is a need to promote for a vast array of independent artists, authors and works deserving of some conversation on a radio program. The public is largely given highlights and commercially promoted works, which may be worthy of acknowledgement and acclaim, but so many other lesser known works and releases merit some discussion as well -which is why Long’s radio show is so appealing. We live in the age of the Internet, and information flows freely everywhere 24 hours a day. Programs like SupaFi64 are sustained because people appreciate a variety in their choices. People with particular interests in books with offbeat twists, science-fiction stories that push the bounds of human imagination, game reviews, and even enthusiasm of the film industry will find something that peeks their curiosity on SupaFi64. It is relatively easy to find. Long says, “We want to be able to come to everyone [via] Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, iTunes, and You Tube. Go to your corner of the Internet and type in Supafi64, and we will most likely be there.”


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