Again its Guns


by Doug Bevins

Gun control has cropped up AGAIN (seriously when is enough enough).  I recently (within the last two weeks) came across an article about a five year old who was given a gun when he was four accidently shooting and killing his two year old sister when their parent was not in the room. Oh yeah, the gun was purchased from a company (won’t mention the company, but if you search the internet you’ll figure it out very quickly) that markets guns to children. First off, what sane person would allow a child of any age under ten to own a gun? Kids don’t have maturity at that age and, if this article is any indicator, some companies and parents do not either. Secondly, why would a parent in their right mind leave a gun laying around when there are young children in the house? Children are not, unless supervised safely, able to understand that a gun (or knife, etc.) is dangerous. As a result of what that parent chose to do (willfully or due to ignorance) that child now has to live with and also is scarred by the knowledge that he killed his sister. Come on people! Guns need to be controlled period. How many more Newtowns, Columbines, or Auroras must we face as a nation before someone pulls their head out of their nether regions and actually does something to improve gun control!   After reading that article the other week, I now do not see any other fix to this issue except stricter gun control measures and I ask you how many more lives (children or otherwise) need to be taken by violence which could have been prevented with stricter gun control laws and systems. It is your children’s future after all so now is the time to act before an entire generation (victims or aggressors) is lost to the seemingly unending tide of violence.


2 thoughts on “Again its Guns

  1. “First off, what sane person would allow a child of any age under ten to own a gun?”

    A responsible parent who plans to supervise that kid 100% of the time the gun is in their hands and does not allow the kid to have it in their hands any other time. When the kid has that gun in their hand and is superivsed, he or she is taught immutable and absolute laws of gun safety which will stay with them for a lifetime.

    The opposite question is the one you ought to consider. What kind of parent does NOT teach those lessons to a kid? A parent who doesn’t care if they accidentally kill themselves, or a parent who hates guns so much that he/she won’t teach those immutable lessons to their kids. That parent is far more irresponsible.



  2. I always question one who concludes government control is the answer to a problem. And when I see, as here, someone who points to only one side of an equation to draw that conclusion, without assessing the other half of the story, the conclusion is exposed as merely an emotional response to an event. Government controls should never be invoked based on emotional responses. Why? Because government controls infringe on constitutional rights that are far too easy to curtail today. You might want gun control, but though it might be gun control today, tomorrow it’ll be speech or religion. And if you think those rights aren’t under systematic attack, try subscribing to a court reporting service for a while.

    I could easily point to cases involving the use of guns to save lives–that poor woman who tried to hide her children from an intruder, for example. She had to shoot the intruder five time as he advanced on her family where they hid. That type of scenario plays out every day across the country. Yet, when stories on gun control show up everywhere, none of them includes the benefit side of the cost/benefit analysis.

    It’s almost like those who shoot or merely brandish a weapon in self defense are not as worthy of living as those who are slaughtered in gun-free zones. It’s bad enough that the creation of gun-free zones offer criminals easy kill zones. Remember, the criminals don’t follow laws so they’re not about to follow whatever new laws you think should be imposed. So all you’re doing is restricting the law abiding citizen’s ability to act in self defense.

    As for what parents would let their kids use guns, well, until very recently, kids grew up with guns and respected them. Your viewpoint is the product of very modern attitudes only made possible by dense city populations and the modern grocery store–i.e., the separation of large numbers of people from having to hunt for their own food.


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