Movie Reviews

The Last Stand: Big or Bomb


by Doug Bevins

The Last Stand is the latest action epic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. When I first heard about this movie being out in theaters, I  was skeptical. My thoughts  ranged from oh no another epic from an actor who should have quit after the Terminator movies and True Lies to alright this looks weak but has possibility. The film is a modern wild west showdown (it takes place in a boarder town whose name I cannot even hope to spell or pronounce). Arnold plays the small town sheriff (Ray Owens) who, surrounded by less then stupendous deputies, still has to deal with an escaped federal prisoner who just happens to be running for the boarder crossing on which his town sits. After one of the deputies falls victim to the murderous prisoner (a drug cartel bosses) underlings, the sheriff vows that the prisoner will fall. Using many unexpected tools raging from a Vickers machine gun mounted in the back of a school bus to a car that is bigger than the villains car (as well as a fair amount of language) to exact this capture. The Last Stand grabs on and does not let go with a cannonade (figuratively) for truth and honor at the end. The sheriff and the villain square off and the villain tries to buy his freedom but the sheriff says his honor is not for sale (well said sir). It is a rare thing in society today to see someone (real or in a movie) take a stand for what is right and I applaud Arnold for taking that stand with how he ended this movie (squaring off with the villain on the boarder crossing). So aside from the language (though typical of Arnold’s movies) this movie is well worth seeing and/or owning if you are an Arnold fan or even a fan of movies that take a stand for honor.


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