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Obama Non Grata


It may be liberals and many who have supported President Obama continue to look the other way of tyrannical policies in an effort to save face. Many Americans feel duped after believing in a man who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize right after his inauguration for the peace he “potentially could bring.” Never before had someone won a Nobel Peace Prize without having done anything peaceful before, only the promise of it. Since Obama took office in 2008, there has been no end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan, drone strikes that have killed countless innocent civilians (even Americans), involvement in the toppling of heads of other governments, and the trail of death goes on and on. I ask my fellow Americans: Is this worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize? Is the country so blind we only notice the rainbow floating above the fields of bodies?

One of the most effective tools the Obama administration uses is the media (or lack of coverage). But around the world, there are news agencies reporting all sorts of atrocities. Things we would consider unacceptable if it were being done by any other country. However, the acts of the military are seldom made without some interaction with the White House. Plausible deniability is still the key for any president, but how can anyone truly know for sure if the president is aware of murdering innocent civilians prior to it happening and, even worse, with his consent. This is a man with an image of reasonability, yet his actions show a different side to him: he is a brute who thinks himself smarter than the average American, seducing the masses with subtle words. Know this, our president (like all those before him) is a liar.

Perhaps some people may find this opinion unfair or harsh. But no harsher than sending drones to slaughter families in another country simply on suspicions. When someone is suspicious of another person, it is not justified to recklessly butcher those “in the way” just to get to one individual. In rational terms, we call that “psycho.” But since we are talking about a paranoid, war driven, blood thirsty government, this is just collateral damage. Well, there will be no apologies because bombing whole villages blindly is not something you can label and call it a day. These are people with lives and families. Husbands and wives, children and loved ones. How arrogant and self-righteous are they who believe their cause above the lives of innocent people! How blatant a disregard for life to destroy entire neighborhoods because a “person of interest” may be hiding somewhere! Imagine the anger and uprise Americans would have if the military wiped out a small town because a prisoner broke out of jail and was hiding somewhere. Imagine your neighborhood being bombed because maybe some “person of interest” is lurking about two streets over. Perhaps if you imagine your mother, your children, yourself being a victim of this cold, calculating, barbaric act happening in your cozy side of town, maybe then you would cease to be so forgiving to the subtle words, coined phrases and outright lies coming from our beloved president. The fact is, this is not some imaginary scenario; this is really happening. In cities and towns and neighborhoods in other countries, our president is sanctioning the deaths of innocent lives. And in spite of this, the president continues to defend the policy.

Be a judge for yourself and read some reports from outside our borders to get a different perspective. Obama is our president, but one of our rights as Americans is freedom of speech. Right now, we need our voices heard. Let the White House know, let them hear it loud and clear, human life is not collateral damage. If we want the world to respect us, then we should respect and value life. To continue compromising this through the use of drone attacks and other means to kill people from a distance makes us no better, no more advanced, no less barbaric than the ghosts of our vicious ancestors. FightBack News! put it best by elaborating on a speech Obama gave to the National Defense University on May 23:”Obama’s speech included a full-throated defense of drone strikes. Disturbingly, the speech all but wrote off the hundreds – if not thousands – of civilians who died from U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and other nations. Obama claimed that as president, he ‘must weigh these heartbreaking tragedies [civilian causalities from drone strikes] against the alternatives.’ He followed this assertion with the equally bizarre justification, ‘Let us remember that the terrorists we are after target civilians.’ This is the Barack Doctrine: To save the civilians who would die in terrorist attacks, we need to kill them before the terrorists do.”




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