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Wide Awake and Armed


An editorial by PJ Moreau

You’re all afraid to leave your comfort zones. And its ok. Its natural.

But its time.

 We are not doing this for us. We are doing it for our kids and their kids. So stand up, stop talking, and do the dam thing already before it gets harder. They want us to spill blood. It makes us weaker,  more venerable. Think about it America.

We have lost the strength of our voices. We are losing the strength of our constitution, and we are losing a war most do not know is going on. This is not like our American Revolution. This is worse! We can take the aid of these masked men, and women, or do it ourselves. But since most are afraid we are in need of a small push. A little motivation, so to speak. Well it has worked for me. For 12 years I didn’t give a rats ass about politics and I still saw the path our government has taken, is taking. I, with my uneducated ass, have seen what we were and what we are becoming. Everything is a constant change, do not get me wrong. I know this!!! Our choices lead us in the direction this particular change is going to take us. Make your choice before it’s too late. Our America is not on the line. It’s our futures America. Our children. Their children. What we decide to do now is in your hands. Your children deserve better!!!! I choose freedom or death. Call me spoiled. 

There is a change coming. We will not see the outcome. Our children may not even see the outcome, but it will be worth it. 

Now back to the point: America is not led by the people. It is definitely not led for the people. That on its own caused you to pause. Did you blink? Good morning.

Corporations are running America. Not the people. “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations” Thomas Jefferson-1816. Our founding fathers knew one day our freedoms would be in jeopardy. That is the main reason our constitution should not be altered or tampered with. Knowledge is knowledge no matter what year it came from.

Also while I’m at it I would like to say that being a congress woman or man should not be a career choice. It should be a public service. When you are done with your two terms you should become another beneficial member of society.

You know those movies that have the one guy that when shit hits the fan, albeit monsters or aliens or whatever? And he brings u to the house and he has an arsenal of weapons, grenades, machine guns, hand guns, ROCKET LAUNCHERS!!! To defend urselves? That is why I love America. We are one of the only countries in the world that allow such a thing, legaly. And beside the few that would use such a thing against other Americans in a state of mental anguish, confusion, breakdowns, or whatever goes through the head of a man that kills 20 kids, I think those that are righteous in heart make up for those that have sick agendas. Let them try and take our country by invasion. I dare them. We got something for you. It’s that weird guy you all thought that was crazy that pulls out all the weapons we need to defend ourselves, our families, our homes. OUR HOMES!!! AMERICA!!!


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