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Positive Movies, Shows, and the Purity Battle


by Doug Bevins

There are a lot of choices in the movie and television part of society today. From networks that have history programs (mostly good, but sometimes they are biased) to networks that only show programs that do not glorify marriage (the programs glorify divorce, affairs, one night stands, etc), it is an all out assault on the viewer but how does one cope? I have been faced with this choice many times and, from those times I have come to understand that there are two ways to deal with this issue: Do not watch television or movies at all and choose to watch only old school movies and shows (Home Improvement, Dick Van Dyke, JurassicPark, etc). Choosing to steer clear of modern. poor quality shows takes guts but it is well worth the choice. I love laughing at the antics of Tim Allen’s character on Home Improvement and I also enjoy the morals and values upheld by that show. So how does one choose positive movies or shows? Find shows or movies that uphold family, marriage, do not glorify divorce, one night stands, drinking to excess, foul language, etc. This article is a challenge to whomever decides to take the time to read it. Be different, take a stand for quality by only buying quality movies or shows on DVD and saying no to having cable or simply take a stand by choosing to not watch movies or shows at all(in this day and age either works).  I decided to take the purity battle seriously and, as a result have had to be much more choosy about what I watch (movies or on television). Sometimes this choice causes me to miss out on what may have been a good movie if not for excessive language (for me I do not watch South Park because of foul language). Honestly, this missing out doesn’t always bother me though every once in a while I do genuinely miss a particular movie or show. I also have to avoid what otherwise may have been good movies or shows because they show main characters or other characters sleeping around and show that as being an ok thing to do. But, after all this is said and done, the main reasons I chose to take on this battle are two things: My faith and my future spouse. Because of these two reasons I do not regret or wish (outside of doubts from time to time) that I had not made this choice. My faith and my future spouse are VERY important to me.


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