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Gory Horror Films: Fun or Fail


by Doug Bevins

Do not get me wrong, I love a good scare as much as the next guy. However, I maintain that scary movies do not have to be gory. Gore, from my point of view does not add anything to most scary movies (granted there are exceptions). Gore in scary movies only serves to heighten the gag reflex and make people woozy. Gore also serves to desensitize people to violence in society. Its done in the movies so it must be alright in reality too (gore is the only thing aside from foul language that I feel comfortable making this claim about). To me, scary movies should not be all blood and guts. Scary movies should be scary in that they mess with your head and all the horror is psychological rather than centered in the use of gore. For example, my all time favorite scary movie is the new version of the movie When a Stranger Calls (a very solid film). The lead in the movie is babysitting at this really nice lake house when she begins receiving terrifying phone calls (I will not spoil it for those who have not seen the movie but its a great movie). What makes that movie so good is that it is centered around believability rather than around blood and guts. There are cases of stalking and harassment via phone calls all the time. The believability element is, for me, what makes this movie so scary.

So what is my stance on gory horror films? My stance is simple, aside from a couple, I tend to avoid them. I was educated very well on what is real and what is fake so the couple of gory horror movies I do watch do not make me want to act on what I see. I maintain that psychological horror is the best way to get a good scare. Horror movies that mess with ones mind rather than ones stomach are awesome!


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