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M.I.L.Fest at the Peak of Summer


On July 27th, the 7th annual The Maryland Independent Label Festival (or M.I.L.Fest) will take place at the Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus, featuring 20 of the best bands in Maryland with two stages for continuous music. It is truly a special occasion to see some of the most talented performers at one location, and certainly the MILFest provides an incredible platform showcasing the best artists in the Baltimore area. Jay Slow, the founder and promoter of the MILFest says the elements of the show are meant to “incorporate [a myriad of] other things to make it more of a ‘fest’ than just a concert lineup, so there are many reasons to be there than just one particular band.” At this year’s event, there will be a Bikini contest, games, art sales, a 50/50 raffle, a tattoo booth, great food and drinks, and of course great live music all day long and well into the night.

The headlining band is Pasadena, who have been in the music scene since 2ooo and have a great following everywhere they go. But as Jay Slow pointed out, the MILFest is about all of the bands. These include: Bond and Bentley, Loving the Lie, Rebel Nation, The Baby Please, Preech, Skribe, JVMP, The Solicitors, Bishop, Sue Kuchli and many more. To see a list of all of the bands and their scheduled times to perform, click here.

Slow has worked tirelessly to ensure the MILFest lives up to its reputation of showcasing the finest music groups around and puts great emphasis on making sure patrons have a good time while they are there. And having a “good time” is ultimately what this MILFest is all about. Live music enthusiasts, fans, and people just looking to decompress from the week absolutely love these types of events. There is so much to do, so much to see, so many great vibes in the air, it is simply an incredible experience that can only be felt during the peak of summer at a venue large enough, and open enough to house it. The Fish Head Cantina is arguably one of the best venues in the Baltimore area to see live bands play.

Make your plans now to check out this awesome live music event. Tickets are $10 for the all day event. For more information, t-shirt and other merchandise, please visit Everything begins at 12 Noon and goes all the way to 2AM. Check out the promotional video that gives some glimpses of the performers and get ready to have a fantastic summer music show experience that can only be the MILFest!

The Fish Head Cantina 4802 Benson Ave. Halethorpe, MD 21227


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