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John Lennon Resurrected? How Ironic.


The monstrous concept of reanimating a dead person has long been the stuff of science-fiction, and certainly the idea of cloning humans shares a sizable spot on that plateau of human wonder. Perhaps a secret military project to clone super soldiers is not such a far-fetched notion, but the actions of one nutty Canadian dentist insinuating someday there may be a clone of the great Beatle John Lennon is cooky beyond the point of comprehension. Dr. Michael Zuk purchased the rotten molar of Lennon from an auction in the UK back in 2011 for $30,000. He has since paid a lab in the United States to sequence Lennon’s DNA for future cloning, but most importantly, to make himself a sort-of celebrity.

But this must be some kind of joke, right? Why would somebody want to clone John Lennon? Ok, he was a member of the Beatles, but he produced records by Yoko Ono. He was the anti-soldier, the hippie protester, the heckler of religion, the rebel with too many causes. How might Lennon fair in today’s society? What might he think if he took one look at those cruddy VMA awards and see Miley Cyrus twerking? What would he say about pop music today? “And the critics thought Yoko’s music was bad…”

No, this whole crazy talk about cloning John Lennon is purely about publicity. If people are going to clone anybody, let it be for a good purpose. There may be spiritual consequences, but no one really knows what ethical ramifications it might entail. We can debate the idea of human clones, but we likely wouldn’t do it to save our species. What possible excuse could be give a cloned person when they ask, “Why am I here? Why do I exist?” If the clone of John Lennon would be anything like the original, how pissed off would be be at such audacity?

If John Lennon could speak from the grave, it may be he would curse out the zealous dentist and his stupid idea of cloning him. It’s the ultimate fan stalker scenario. All one would ever need to do is get their hands on celebrity DNA and start cloning whoever you want and do with them whatever you like because essentially they would belong to you. Which begs the question: How many Miley Cyrus clones would be running around in our streets, twerking dudes walking by?

Thank goodness for now this is all irrelevant discourse because human cloning isn’t on TMZ. If it isn’t nonsense spewed from some reality TV star, it may not be newsworthy. But for the brave few who still think this world keeps getting crazier and crazier, it is less comforting that now you know a dentist (a well educated person) actually wants to clone John Lennon. Sigh.

Check out this reference article for more info.


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