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Old Humor Verses New Humor


by Doug Bevins

In the last couple days, I’ve started watching the old show Saved By The Bell (it was on in the late 80’s). The major thing that jumped out at me while watching this show is that, though cheesy at times, the humor is very clean without any bathroom humor (I like some bathroom humor, but too much of anything is not a good thing at all). So what is the difference between humor in shows like Saved By The Bell and more modern shows like Family Guy? Simply put, the type of humor. Saved By The Bell relies on the humor of everyday situations faced by highschoolers, whereas Family Guy relies on bathroom humor coupled with, well, crude humor (I’m not knocking or passing judgment on those who like the show -I’m simply stating my opinion on the differences in humor between these two shows). Humor in the 90’s (Saved By The Bell, Full House, Home Improvement, The Cosby Show, Etc) was more sophisticated and did not rely on the bathroom as their main source for their jokes/humor used in the shows. Humor today has taken, from what I’ve noticed, a one-way trip to the bathroom and had the doorknob fall off the door so now the shows are completely stuck on the toilet.

So what is one to do about this? I cannot tell you what to do, but I will share what I did. Notwithstanding, I discovered that many of the shows from the late 80’s and 90”s that, for me, had funny humor are on DVD so I invested in or had the seasons for those shows given to me as a gift. I rarely watch television anymore (other than American Pickers, The Simpsons, a couple shows on Animal Planet, Falling Skies, and Pawn Stars) for the reason that there is nothing good/clean on. As a result of my choice, I encourage the reader to do the same and send a message to the networks that humor is stuck in the bathroom and needs a locksmith to get out. The bathroom is not the only source of humor, but the networks have decided that humor found in the sewer is so simple  it doesn’t take much to find funny jokes. Come on networks, do the work and reap the rewards. If that does not happen, humor on television today will continue to be stuck in and ultimately starve to death on the crapper and the humor of Saved By The Bell and Full House era will be a lost art form soon to be sadly forgotten.


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