News: Petty or Important Anymore


Is what is on network news petty or important anymore?  Are we more focused on celebrities making major mistakes so we feel better about ourselves then on the world issues at large? Should we even continue to watch/read the news anymore?

I believe personally that the American news networks tend to hyper focus on celebrities making mistakes, issues of skin color, and similar issues without paying adequate attention to what is going on in the world at large. Why should we care what Miley Cyrus did at an award show when people are dying in Syria? Why should we care about animals or arguments for the medical use of Marijuana  when peoples homes are being burned up by various wildfires? The answer I believe is to balance what gets  coverage and when it gets covered. Do not go overboard covering a kidnapping case that took all of a week to close. If something took a week to occur, allow two weeks of coverage then move on. Do not continue to rehash the same thing six, seven, and eight months down the road unless there is new material to report. The reason I say this is that I have observed a sad trend in the comment sections of many articles that I have read: VERY negative comments tinged with racial and just downright nasty tones in their word use. So if something is to continue to get coverage many months after the event, then disable the comment section after a certain point and just have the article available so that whatever or whomever the article is about (the Hannah Anderson kidnapping, the Travon Martin case, etc) may be spared further shame caused, more often than not, by sheer ignorance on the part of the commenter. If the lack of balance continues, I will begin to avoid reading the news (aside from local to my county) until balance comes in some form (the exception being if there is a major news story that affects me directly). I am tired of wasting time reading over exposed topics that should not have been run after one article. In short, I believe that news gets hyper focused without just cause and that has to stop. I do not know how to change it except to simply stop reading the news or watching the news on television.


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