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Opinion on the movie “God Bless America”


By Doug Bevins

A week or so ago, I was asked to watch and give my opinion on this movie. First off, this was not an easy movie for me to watch in the least (I’m not sorry I watched it though). I felt that it was over exaggerated and that the lead role was quite twisted in terms of what he visualized doing throughout the first part of the movie. That being said, did anything in the movie bother me? The two things that bothered me were interwoven in the entire movie: the over exaggerated nature of the film and the level of crude behavior or words that were in it (the film is not for faint of heart or young viewers).

All that being said, what are the implications that this movie was trying to show regarding society today? I noticed that the movie portrayed society as very star struck and focused on Hollywood at the expense of life in general. I find that to be very true. This nation has become so star struck that we spend more time worrying about Miley Cyrus and her behavior at the music awards the other week at the expense of the abortion battle or dealing with other, more important problems such as Syria. No wonder society in general has developed a distrust of news networks and instead focuses on being star struck. To go along with the star struck aspect I mentioned, I also noticed that the movie had a lot of focus on being edgy verses what people are willing to buy. That stands out to me because of the overdependence society (young and old) has on technology (cell phones, computers, etc.) at the expense of face to face time. Now technology has its place, but not at the expense of relationships (the exception being if we are across the country from someone we care about). Otherwise, youngsters have absolutely no right to complain to their parents about not having the latest smartphone, computer, mp3 player, etc. Parents also do not have the right to give in every time their child bats an eyelash. This shows a major problem in society that will only get worse if not addressed soon: the ability to take personal responsibility. Just because your best friend has a smart phone does not mean you have to one up them and get the latest smart phone that has all the bells and whistles. Just because someone is a star in Hollywood or on the music scene does not mean they deserve our worship at all times. Just because Hollywood is responsible for many of the major movies does not mean we need to buy them or see them just because they are popular.

GROW UP! Start a trend of being different for the sake of being different and quit following the crowd. Be content with what you have and stop buying into the frenzy that having the newest phone or the next big movie on dvd will make you better because, if anything, it will only make you want more and more. I had trouble with the style of this movie but the message hit home: society has lost its sense of individuality and has started buying into fads and hype at the expense of personal responsibility and the freedom to be an individual with individual gifts and talents. We are not all going to Hollywood but that does not mean that we can make a difference right where we are (school, office, hometown, etc).


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