Books: Old Fashion or Still Going Strong


By Doug Bevins

I have noticed that there are a lot of digital ways to obtain reading material in society today (ebooks, digital downloads, even sometimes one gets lucky and finds all or part of a book on youtube though how that works I have no clue). So with all the digital downloads, are physical books going out of style?

I recently was given a Kindle reader (electronic reading device) and that got me to thinking: “Has the digital age finally overtaken us and physical books will soon be the stuff of legend?” As seen in the Terminator movies, the world today is being overtaken by technology and that technology will soon render physical books obsolete because everything will be stored in the Cloud.  So as a result, I honestly think that, at some point in the future (ten to one hundred plus years from now) physical books will become the stuff of legend and, though not many, the lucky few who still have physical books will be able to obtain as much for one as for an old baseball card or other valuable antique that we see today.

So what does that mean for the time before books become obsolete? I do not think physical books will become obsolete super quick/soon (in the next year or two) so for the time that physical books are still around and accessible, I believe each of us should read one book a month (a book being minimum of one hundred pages) that grabs our interest. For example, the physical book I am in the process of reading deals with the myths and legends surrounding Abraham Lincoln.  So make a goal to turn off the electronic equipment and put down the E-Readers for enough time to read one physical book per month. That is my challenge and I am going to try to do the same.


One thought on “Books: Old Fashion or Still Going Strong

  1. You’ll always have the people ho want to hold a physical book. But economically digital books are the way to go. I recently published via Amazon. How much did it take to get my digital content to my readers? $0 and I have sold over 100 books in the last month, for a less than notable amount. I also took advantage of Createspace (the physical side of the Amazon book market) that too was free but I’ve only sold three physical books.


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