Opinions / Swirl of thoughts

Gun Control AGAIN


by Doug Bevins

Today started off gray and simply got worse after I woke up. First off I woke up tired and then, after I got up, I saw a facebook status about a shooting at the navy yard in WashingtonDC (My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all involved). I will not comment about any details regarding that since its still fresh and nothing really has been made known outside of the speculation that often follows incidents of this nature. However, I will say that gun violence incidents of this nature have made the news far too often in the last year(Aurora, Newton, the navy yard) and somehow people are not getting the message that gun control laws need to be checked, changed where needed, and above all ENFORCED. How on earth can we expect these incidents to lessen if gun control isn’t attended to?

What would I do to change this if I had the chance? First off, other than on bases and military instillations, owning any guns of higher caliber than a .22 would be banned(gun stores would be in charge of keeping close track on handgun and .22 purchases and reporting anything out of the ordinary) and the military bases would be in charge of implementing regulations to control their own stock of the higher caliber weapons(Keep in mind, I am not against handguns but I am against handguns in the hands of incompetent individuals who have no business owning one. It makes me sick that instances of this are on the rise and nothing seems to be being done to prevent it. Again, I am not against recreational, smart, safe use of guns(.22 caliber and lower as well as handguns). I am against any incompetent individual who for whatever reason is unstable(whether through a mental issue like depression or schizophrenia or has a history of violent outbursts) owning a gun because, like with drinking too much, the issue is always there and temptation to act on it needs to be controlled or removed period. Washington needs to get this under control before incidents like this begin to happen on a regular basis otherwise this country may be headed for a state of military control if gun violence is not put in check.


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