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Positive Movies Stand Up

by Doug Bevins

I am and have for a long time been a fan of television shows and movies that have a redeemable message in them (Juno, Harry Potter, Cheaper By The Dozen 1&2, Home Improvement, The Cosby Show and Full House to name a few).  Positive messages in these and other shows or movies make them that much more enjoyable to watch without wondering what is going to be shown in the next second or the next scene. The positive nature of the shows/movies also means that, after being stressed out by some situation or issue,  they are more enjoyable to watch while relaxing.

So why should you care? First off, children have no right/reason to be exposed to foul language or nudity (whether on shows or in movies).  It is inappropriate, crude, leaves an impression, etc. Secondly, there have been instances where serial killers admitted to having an addiction to pornography (Two Examples: Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy, probably started with seeing nudity somewhere). This point about serial killers admitting to an addiction to pornography leads to another point: why is nudity allowed on television or in movies in the first place as it, more often than not, is a gateway to scarier behavior or behavior with longer lasting consequences (sexual assault, serial killing, loss of status, labels, etc). Lastly, why is more not being done to combat this issue? The news is often filled with adults getting arrested for porn possession/distribution, indecent acts with minors, etc. But there is little to nothing being said about what can be done and is being done to combat this problem. Are people too scared about this issue? Are they unwilling to talk about it or admit openly it exists? I would say, though it is a difficult issue, its a combination of being unwilling to discuss it and admit it exists.

To conclude, I know that negativity will prevail in this society but keep positive movies alive, around, and fill your mind with positive messages and issues like pornography will have a much more difficult time taking root in your spirit(movies or your personal beliefs/religious beliefs work).


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