Dependence on Technology

I have noticed that this world has become quite impersonal (Facebook rather than face to face chat, email rather than snail mail, texting rather than talking over the phone, etc). Now I am not saying that these aspects of our society do not have their place when done in moderation. I believe they do but, like in the terminator movies, we have become so dependent on technology that it has  taken over society. We constantly have our phones, tablets, smart phones, etc with us and are looking something up, getting directions, watching a movie while on a train or waiting at the airport, texting when walking somewhere, etc. The dependence has made this society quite impersonal though(I am guilty of this too) quite funny when one is texting, walking, and not watching where they are going (9 times out of 10 that person ends up tripping over or banging into something they would have seen had they been paying attention).

Is there a way to fix this dependence on technology? Personally, I do not think so. Technology has become such an ingrained part of who we are as a society that there is no way that I can see to change that. The dependence and consequent causing of an impersonal society will only get worse. We want things done instantly but nobody ever stopped to think of the price before making the newest phone, computer, E-Reader, etc. It would not surprise me if, sooner rather than later, we’re texting the person standing right next to use because we, as a society, have forgotten how to talk to each other. But that forgetting is the ultimate price to be paid for not thinking our wants through fully enough before doing, making, or finding them. Nobody is without fault in this issue because we are all part of this society.


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