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All People are Human

No matter your age, race, or gender, people have singled you out for something or other. Maybe it was skin color, sexual orientation, big ears, small eyes, it did not matter. Whatever the person acting in ignorance saw, they picked on period. People who act in ignorance are cruel because they do not know better. Just because you do not agree with something someone else has chosen (sexual orientation, physical characteristic, etc) does not give you the right to hate them. What would happen if someone decided to act bias toward you because they associated a characteristic of yours (big nose, sexual orientation, big ears, a stutter, learning difference, etc.) with a fault they see in society (whether or not that fault actually exists to the extent that the ignorant think is another matter).

To take it to another level, say you do not agree with someone who has decided to live a homosexual lifestyle, that is alright. Nobody is the same and nobody agrees with everyone else one hundred percent. But the problem arises when you decide that your opinion is the only opinion and everybody needs to believe the way you believe; that is a problem and that is the reason why there is so much ignorance in the world. People make two choices when confronted with bias/ignorance: bend under the pressure and, as a result, loose their identity or take a stand for what is right and still get marked as either an outcast (forced to leave the area) or become subject to hate crimes because of taking a stand for the right thing.
I do not claim to be perfect. In fact, I am not perfect. I do have issues but I do get bothered by the issue of civil rights and the ignorance this issue exposes in some people. Civil rights are a basic right of humanity. So someone who is homosexual, so what? They are human beings too. You do not have to agree with their lifestyle choice, that is your right as an individual. However, that right does not give you permission to hate, persecute, speak hateful words, etc toward someone of a different orientation. Disagree with the orientation is your right an individual. Hate the person because you are homophobic or a raciest, that is wrong. Your opinion makes you an individual, hating a person because you are ignorant or scared makes you a fool.


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