Just Because

By Doug Bevins
Just because someone is different does not mean we need to be afraid of them. Just because the right thing is difficult to do does not mean its wrong. Just because someone has chosen a different religion or lifestyle then me does not mean I need to or have the right to put them down in any way, shape, or form. This may seem harsh and, while I apologize to those who find it harsh, I am not sorry for what I am about to write. This country, the churches, and its people have become so afraid that they do not know which way is up, down, or sideways. This country was built on freedom back in the time of the Revolution and that is in the history books. However, people have become so polarized that now society functions on a love/hate spectrum and churches are not much different. People love beer but hate drunks, love their spouses but hate gays.  Churches are not much better. I’ll be honest with you; if I was on the outside looking in and not knowing what I know then I’d be avoiding church/Christianity like one avoids a poisonous snake. It makes me so sad that, aside from a few places, churches I have been to or have read about are operating out of a fortress/fear mentality (keep our people safe and keep out the oddballs). Since when is being odd such a problem? After all, are we not all individuals and is it not true that normal is simply a setting on your dryer? I do not expect you to believe what I believe(not my place to expect that) but I do ask that you take the time to think. You have a brain for a reason. Do not parrot what news, your friends or family says simply because they said it (obeying your parents is different than parroting unless they tell you to do wrong). So just because you are scared of something (church, gays, etc) does not give you the right to hate them, avoid them, be mean to them, etc. We are individuals and deserve the right to as well as the respect to be individuals (nothing can change that).


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