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Simpsons Tapped Out: Talked Up or Epic

by Doug Bevins

The Simpsons brand has taken things to a new level with the addition of a playable Springfield to be built from scratch and available on Kindles (other devices too but I am not sure the extent of availability). For every Simpsons fan/geek, this game is a dream come true. Every user gets to create their own version of the famous Springfield from the show (Complete quests, give characters tasks to complete, etc). Many of the well known buildings are also available(through quests or when one has enough virtual cash to build them).

My thoughts on this game are very positive. It is fun to use, goofy things happen from time to time (virtual zombies that squish and come back since the Halloween update was just released), and all the old favorites cast wise are in the game.  I’ve been a Simpsons fan since day one (grew up on it, own seasons 1-11 on dvd plus the movie as well as three books about the show and a comic book). The game is like the icing on the cake. I get to build, decorate, listen to character quips/lines, and just generally have fun building Springfield to my hearts desire.

So who would enjoy this game? I love it because I am a Simpsons geek. So anybody who is a Simpsons geek would for sure enjoy this game. Beyond that, the game may not be as interesting to those who are not die hard fans of the Simpsons or more than just VERY causal watchers of the show. Regardless of where you fit in that, if you play the game. ENJOY it! It was put out for all fans but fans of geekdom level will get the most enjoyment from playing the game and building the Springfield of their dreams (one downside is that you have to buy premium currency and thats not cheap so be careful on that front but premium currency is used for premium characters/objects which are cool!). Above all, whether geek or simple fan, if you play the game then enjoy it and have FUN! (The game is epic!)


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