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What is Our Purpose?


There is a real danger in disregarding the need for spiritualism. Evidence of a soulless world is manifesting right now. But most of the world’s cultures have some spiritual roots, and some may have multiple roots in various beliefs in a deity and sometimes multiple deities. Certainly, it is understandable why the mere discussion of spiritualism can be polarizing and divisive -as it is often associated with some religion. But people turn to spiritual notions because no one has a simple answer for why we are here on this planet. Why do we exist at all? Or more importantly, who or what is behind the design of this universe and our place in it? For as Albert Einstein put it, “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

To suggest it is merely chance we are here in this vast universe of endless possibilities is simply not satisfactory for many of us -no matter what you believe in. Even if one’s approach is purely secular, there is still the burning question as to how we got here and why we have a conscious mind with so many intellectual capabilities that appear to separate us from every other creature in this world. When one considers the Gaia Hypotheses (the theory organisms “co-evolve with their environment” and “influence their abiotic environment, and that environment in turn influences the biota” –look it up on Wikipedia), we may have a higher purpose after all, even if that purpose is solely confined to the health of this planet only. People attempt to explain this scientifically and we’ve made tremendous progress in understanding “how” we function, but nothing clear on “why” we need to function the way we do. It is like we are part of some invisible order that perpetuates other aspects of a greater system. Perhaps it involves forces in the universe that, at this level of consciousness, we are simply incapable of truly understanding.

Of course, there is no shortage of theories as to why we are here. Some believe aliens from some distant planet came here and started this wheel of human kind. The argument sometimes seems plausible, but “ancient astronaut theorists” still can’t answer how anyone got here. How did a living organism come from something non-living? Like “poof” magic, there is life from substances that were not alive. How did that happen? There isn’t a single brilliant mind that lives or has ever lived that can answer that question scientifically. No computer program can solve it either, at least not yet. One has to ponder the abstract: before there was no life, and then something happened and there was life. What was that “something that happened?” No one seems to know, but science and religion offer some ideas and attempt to make sense of our existence without destroying our minds in the process. See, if we really don’t know where we come from, nor understand our place in the universe (or on this planet for that matter), essentially we all become prisoners of political rule and our true purpose is to be slaves to other humans (because if we all knew we are supposed to be “connected” on a higher level of consciousness, we would be more powerful beings, more rooted in love, and impossible to enslave). Whether we gaze at the stars for clues of our origins or to pray to God, we search for answers to our questions. Ultimately, there is an inherent understanding of our limited capacity and theoretically it should humble us because the limits of our comprehensions never correlate with our curiosities. We simply continue wondering about everything until we cease to exist. For our sanity, we wish to feel some solace in our eventual return to a non-organic state.

On some level, we sense a separate, but internal force that seems to drive our very minds. Most people would be inclined to refer to this unknown force as spirit. Skeptics dismiss the idea of spirit with the assertion our conscious minds invent this concept for the sake of feeling we have a higher purpose. It’s as if we need to feel we have a greater purpose in order to properly function in this human experience. But, why? Why would we “naturally” feel inclined to believe we have a higher purpose? Why do we need to believe we have a spirit? The fact so many people on this planet are in tuned with the notion we have an internal spirit cannot be simply coincidental. Clearly this acceptance is not essential for life or there would be no one who didn’t believe they have a soul. After all, so many live their lives quite happily without the need for any kind of spiritualism. Which begs the question: Do we really have a spirit or are we simply connected to a greater, vast spirit? Like the one Einstein referred to?

The notion of a spirit or soul is a loaded proposition, no matter how you approach it. The likeliness of disagreement on the spirit and source of our origins (and purpose in life, essentially) is 99.99% because everyone concludes what fits in their individual box of limited understanding. The more arrogantly one carries on an argument, the smaller their box of comprehension. True understanding comes from the acknowledgment of our limited capacity in order to contemplate the abstract -including, but not limited to the ideological, theoretical and spiritual connections that defy conventional explanations. It is unfortunate so many people dismiss so many possibilities simply because they cannot explain them. And more and more scientists are discovering tangible connections to anomalies once thought to be merely hysteria, myth or some form of psychosis or mental hocus pocus. It is baffling so many “intelligent” people continue to denounce anything remotely tied to spirituality because they want to tie it to some religion or theology -even if it isn’t. A lot of people have become so anti-spiritual; they have built an ideological wall around only those things they can touch. Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of accepted theories that are just as farfetched as Santa Claus, but because it is rooted in “mainstream science,” they blindly accept it as fact without ever truly understanding the complexities of the theory themselves. They criticize religious people for believing in doctrines filled with contradictions and fantastical stories, yet they themselves accept the headlines of immensely complicated theory with fantastical aspects as proof positive of non-spiritual components in the universe -and they don’t understand very much of it either! It is best to keep an open mind to theories, notions and old beliefs that cannot be explained away so easily is what will help the human race advance to another level of higher collective consciousness. Not just for our sake as a race, but for the sake of this seemingly inorganic planet –which may, in fact, be just as alive as any person (look up the scientist James Lovelock for more on the living planet).

Perhaps we cannot connect with each other on a spiritual level because so many people have turned away from even believing such things. In that process, we have surrendered our spirit, our souls, and have relinquished our collective power of higher consciousness and therefore continue to be willfully enslaved. We are no doubt slaves to other humans. We are slaves because we do not accept (as a whole) our true purpose on this planet: to be rooted in love for one another and for the health of our earth. Love is perhaps our most valuable asset as sentient beings because from Love all good things can happen. Love is the most powerful emotion, yet it is often used as a cliché and no one truly feels love for the whole world. That much is quite evident judging by our collective actions globally. And it is hard to feel deep love with the world because we cannot connect to each other. Things have been systematically placed to prevent it. We cannot communicate these things on an emotional level because we have disconnected from our spiritual connection and hence cannot communicate with each other emotionally as a result. We spend too much time on the Internet being virtually social, watch too much mindless television, waste too much time on trivial activities, and thus simply don’t make the time to bond with each other –not our family or friends or anyone.  We feel more comfort alone, away from the world, out in the woods, playing with animals, or scrolling through newsfeeds looking for distractions. We need to talk more, face to face. We need to touch the hands of those we care about and look into the physical eyes of those we love to peer into their souls and read their feelings. We need to start with those close to us and then branch out into the world. Emotions exist on an abstract (dimensional) plane which can only be accessed collectively if a great portion of our population understands and wills it to be so. Therefore, we have no choice but to attempt to communicate through written, musical and spoken language -all of which are subject to various interpretations and can be manipulated by the very humans enslaving us so we get mixed messages and confused -which lead to frustrations and negative energy. Brothers and sisters, we are being enslaved because our true freedom is that in our spirits, and collectively we can do marvelous things on our planet. Those who enslave us understand they cannot hold any power over us if we are connected on a conscious and spiritual level. Some words will not even need to be spoken because we could sense each other, feel our needs and be aware of the needs of our planet. Perhaps that is our purpose: To see to our world as protectors of it rather than be parasitic, which is our present status. To change our status, we must reconnect with each other.


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