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Fantastical Stories or Subliminally Against God?


by Doug Bevins

Are certain movies and shows like Harry Potter really against God or are they just a means to see the world from a different point of view? First off, let me make very clear that I am not meaning this as an attack on any other points of view who may see things differently. I am writing this article merely as a way to express my opinion on a subject that has long vexed and frustrated me. The Harry Potter books and movies are a world wide phenomenon about a boy and his friends who attend a school for wizards and witches. The books and movies are full of scenes where Harry and his friends are learning spells or hanging around creatures who are magical and mythical. Another couple of book/movie sets that have magic are The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings and yet both of these were written by Christian authors (I will note that magic is never portrayed as something that is used for fun. It is always used in good verses evil situations with great care taken to proper use and understanding of it. I am not advocating messing around with the dark arts in real life because that is an entirely different issue. I am merely noting the similarities between Harry Potter, Narnia, and Lord of the Rings).   As a result, if Harry Potter is against God then so is Lord of the Rings because it has magic and wizards in it and it was written by someone who believed in God.  I believe that these movies and books are just a means to see a different point of view.

As a result, what is one to do regarding choosing to watch/read or avoid the Harry Potter, Narnia, or Lord of the Rings movies/books? This is a difficult choice because some of us are more bothered by these movies/books than others. My best answer is to choose based on personal convictions and where you stand in relation to magic like what is in the movies/books. If you’ve had problems with magic in the past, then maybe these movies/books are not for you. But if you are able to keep Hollywood separate from real life and are able to understand that these movies/books are fantasy and not real then these movies/books might be a fun way to pass the time.


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