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Abstract Perception: Are You Really Aware of What You Are?


There always seems to be certain individuals who wish to “wake people up” from their sleepwalk; our worldwide enslavement. People who tell every person they meet about the veil being pulled over their eyes, about the truth of our roles in this society, and about our true relation to this planet. We don’t try to “wake everybody up” because it would be the end goal nor because it gives us a conscious purpose, but because it would be the beginning of something far more important: Saving our world. The freedom of mankind is not only to “free the minds” of our fellow humans so we can all live in a vast sea of selfish bubbles where individuals do not have to answer to oppressors, but to be part of a collective consciousness that enriches and protects our planet and all the creatures that inhabit it. This message may be perceived as divine, but it can also be seen as a plea from the natural world we all depend on, including those enslaving us. No one is immune from the harsh consequences we all face, humans and non-humans. All life on this planet is in danger and the danger is coming from those that enslave us –and indirectly by those of us blinded by our very enslavement. For as it is often stated in our civilized courtrooms, “Not knowing the law does not excuse breaking it.” Thus, the guilt of humankind and the damage it inflicts on the planet rests not only on the oppressors (who know very well what they are doing), but the oppressed (who understand their participation is worthy of guilt, but hide behind the illusion of powerlessness), whether we are content with that reality or not. For the masses at large are perfectly capable of “doing the right thing” for all individuals on the planet and choose to be lead by weak-minded, greedy, self-righteous people who don’t even care about the very people empowering them. The masses can overthrow any government, but instead chooses to be docile and apologists for a terribly broken system.

This is why it is important we all wake up from this fantasy. Our material possessions and tangible desires weaken us as a collective. Our perceived dependence on non-essential things has corrupted the minds of most of the human population. We stand as legions of confused and scared individuals. But deep down, we are all aware of this stark reality. It is not a mystery and the words you are reading are not something you didn’t already (at least) suspect. The reason you already were aware of this global fantasy and willing bondage is because all humans are connected spiritually and emotionally by forces we do not understand. It is also a realization passed on to us either through dreams, conversations, movies, television, articles, the Internet, and an array of other means of communication, so all have been made aware of our enslavement in one form or another. So, we are not that blind. But it is true we do not understand our connecting forces because the truth has been hidden from us by the very persons who are enslaving us. They enslave us because they want to control the world to fulfill their own selfish needs and/or rob us of our collective power. It may be because they seek immortality using methods that tap into dangerous and evil dimensions –and evidently at the expense of our wills and mental capacities. Whatever the case may be, know this: Our greatest strengths are also our weaknesses –and they are each exploited to their fullest extent by those that stand to gain from doing so.

One of the best tools we have as a species is our perception. Contrary to what your have been taught since grade school, we are not the only animals with a conscious mind on this planet. And this is not a reference to aliens either, but of mammals like whales, dolphins, and even lions and bears. They are aware of what is happening around them. They feel and understand their pain. This is clearly evident by the reaction of mothers when they lose one of their young. They cry out in grief and one can only watch and understand such great emotional pain because it affects many creatures on this planet. What animals do not have is abstract perceptions. Instead, animals are “connected” to their environment (and to the world for that matter) in ways human beings are not –at least in ways we do not utilize. Not because we are incapable of it, but because we have been taught not to. Humans have lost their connection with nature because of our abstract perception and the exploitation of it. In other words, an animal cannot live in a fantasy, but humans can. Our perception is very powerful and it is what convinces us everything we do and possess is important beyond anything else. This is also what makes us so dangerous because our convictions prompt us to act on those impulses that support our ideals. Our perception of our world and ourselves is what blinds us to reality: We are not who we think we are.

Unfortunately, this is the very source of our confusions as well. We cannot assess that which we do not know. And this part is deliberate because we are being denied the opportunity to grow as a species and are made to be indifferent toward the living planet, our environment, and our natural world (not to mention each other). We have been mislead, misguided, lied to and pushed into boxes because it is in the best interests of our oppressors to keep us as docile as possible. In a sense, we have been domesticated like wild dogs because we pose a danger to the organizations that profit from our sleep-like state. But in reality we are not wild dogs. We are far more powerful than any of us can even imagine. That is why even in our sleep-like state we are able to achieve great things in spite of the psychological shackles. It is why governments are able to build great armies, science makes incredible new discoveries, and brilliance leaves us in awe of what can achieve. Humans are special, but we are not being used for the greater good of our planet. We are being exploited and domesticated to suppress our powers. If you do not believe you are powerful as an individual then you have already surrendered yourself to the slaughter. But if you know you are powerful, if in your mind somewhere you have always sensed your power, that is because you truly are. And as a collective, humans can even overtake the armies of our oppressors. A very significant question looms, however, should we decide to flex our conscious muscles and that is “What would be the outcome?” Are individuals willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of not only humanity, but of the planet? So long as a majority of the population think themselves more important as individuals, then the sacrifice in the name of preservation of the world at large will not happen and the walk over the cliff is absolutely eminent. In other words, individualism is choking our planet and subsequently betraying our roles as protectors. In short, if we destroy the world, the world will destroy us. Man’s destruction is nothing new. Throughout written and non-written history, when people crossed the lines of humanity, destruction of civilizations was the end result.

Long ago, before there were so many people as today, there were a good number of powerful humans on this planet. They created societies in union with the planet and understood things about the natural world that has since been lost to history. One thing we know for certain is they built great cities and were master engineers. They also understood things about the universe, things that baffle us today. How did they know these things? People ask and wonder, but are at a loss for words. Stop and think for a moment: How does a bird know what it knows? How are simple creatures aware of what they are supposed to do, build, travel to, and so on? Creatures are able to do the things they do naturally because it is encoded within them to do so, and their attunement to nature affords them the capabilities necessary to survive and continue until their time expires. People of old were attuned to the natural world and knew what was required of them to be in harmony with the planet. The one tool we use a great deal of is our abstract perception. It both enables us to do great things, but it also corrupts our impulses. In order to achieve even greater feats, we would have to circumvent our primal desires for the good of the planet and our fellow man. Existentially, we were given a choice. The source of why we were given that choice is a matter of debate. Some say God the creator, others say it’s just spontaneous or chance. But from what logic tells us, nothing is truly spontaneous. Spontaneity in something so complex defies logic. We have a conscious mind, though we are not the only ones with this feature. We can think and solve complex problems because we are able to think abstractly. If everything else in every creature alive has a function, why would an abstract perception be any different for humans? It clearly has a role in our existence as a living organism. Our ancestors understood this role and tried to remain in union with nature for thousands of years. But eventually, we came to where we are now as a species. Something immensely significant happened along the way that changed us and it likely began with our perception of ourselves.

We have become nations of spoiled brats. We stand on mountains built by our ancestors and arrogantly boast of our entitlements. We did not gain the information and knowledge we use ourselves, but rather picked up where others left off and therefore don’t always feel we are responsible for the outcomes rendered. We make mockery of ancient beliefs, elect politicians who routinely lie to us simply because we don’t want to leave the comforts of our homes and lifestyle, and turn away from the ugly truths of slave labor, exploitation and the high jacking of other nations to produce cheap goods for super department stores that sell it all for great profits. We know this, yet we do nothing about it. So, when the hammer is lowered and the loud booms of mass destruction impales our way of life, the people will rise up in a great eruption of chaos. The powers suppressed for so long will manifest in savagery because man’s collective consciousness is no more civilized than any wild animal. This, too, is not surprising nor should it be. Like stated earlier, you are all aware of these things already because we’ve all been warned and told through various means that there are dire consequences for not doing what’s right. We’ve twisted social norms, have made abominations acceptable, and idolize things and people that offer nothing for the sake of humanity. We honor vanity, belittle thinkers and philosophers because no one wants to admit their guilt in this spiritual Ponzi scheme. We like to hear wisdom, but not act on them. We desire world peace, but everything we do goes against it. We forgive an exorbitant of money hoping the wealthy will spread the crumbs around, tax the working class angrily, and smash the poor under our feet touting how everyone should “get a better job.”

The boiling point has been reached and it doesn’t seem like the climate will change for the better. In fact, many people believe the end is near so intensely they are making preparations for a worldwide economic collapse –starting with the United States. Our nation has been running on a line of credit that has exceeded its limit and owes a staggering amount of money. The dollar is in serious danger of losing its world reserve currency status which would make an already desperate situation nightmarishly worse. And all Americans seem to care about is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship. Liberals and Conservatives alike seem hell-bent on staying relevant in the political game rather than working together to solve our nation’s issues. No one wants to make the necessary sacrifices to make the world a better place. So, the prediction is no one will have to decide. The decision will be made for us all and there will be two kinds of people: Those that survive, and those that don’t. The world is heading down a path of war and destruction and no one cares because they don’t want to believe it. But when eyes gaze in bewilderment at the coming storm that will affect us all, no one will be spared (except the super elite). All large cities will become war zones, people will trample each other on the streets, food and water will be the only commodities that matter, and sickness will kill those that hide. Is there hope? Is there a way to reverse the inevitable? Of course there is. You already know there is. But the question remains, will we allow Hell to engulf us all? Some of us will, some of us won’t. Either way, we will all suffer. Tall buildings will fall, nations will war, and capitals will crumble from the blows of angry mobs. This will be so because all of us need to want to change the course and that is the only thing that will not happen. For those unafraid because you have made your peace and accept what will be, you are the few, fortunate ones. You will not suffer the same fate as the rest.


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