Opinions / Swirl of thoughts

Try to Avoid Paying Too Much


by Doug Bevins

In this life of technology, always something new, better, faster, cheaper, etc, is better always the best move (Granted some technology is always changing like computers so im not referring to that but rather to things that would not be considered key to survival in society today). Try to avoid getting caught up in the latest fad, the newest movie, etc. Those tend to change and the materials used to make them will wear out. So, if the movie is something you cannot live without then consider waiting until it comes down in price or, they have the five dollar bins for a reason, the movie ends up in a five dollar bin. Too often one finds it very easy to discover reasons why something cannot be lived without but, more often than not, nobody takes the time to decide to wait the fad out or wait until the movie comes down in price (I have been guilty of buying new movies at full price too so I am aware all too well of the draw).

That being said, how does one stay clear of falling prey to the newest fad? Not an easy task at the best of times, forget about trying to compete with the new fad and a lack of self control/denying yourself. If you are a movie fan and that is where your fad issue is, consider only perusing the five dollar bins at Wal-Mart or, and yes there are still a few around, waiting until a video store goes out of business(I found several movies that are decent for 0.99 cents when a video store near here closed a month or two ago).  So the answer to staying out of the way of fads is what? Simply put there is no right answer because what worked for me may not work for you. The best advice I have is make the choice to not be governed by fads or new things/movies because they will change like the wind and never be the same for more than a few months to a year(They also make you broke quickly if you are not watchful. My fad was buying movies and I discovered, after running out of space multiple times, the movies had taken over my will and, as a result, I had to stay away from dvd aisles and the five dollar bin for a while before I could venture back without the threat of loosing control).


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