Opinions / Swirl of thoughts

Finding Your Passion/What You Love Doing


by Doug Bevins

Finding the one thing that makes each one of us tick is one of the most difficult challenges faced in a world that is already super focused on stuff as well as being super busy. We are told that there is always one thing that makes each of us tick but finding that one thing is difficult and is also subjective because what the one thing is for you will likely not be the same as the one thing for me. So how does one find the one thing that they are passionate about?

To answer that question, I will relate how I discovered my passion. During college, I became a fan of watching movies and television shows on dvd and, while doing that, I had a professor who encouraged thinking from a different perspective and also engaging in rather than running from culture (Not an easy thing for someone who was afraid of their own shadow as well as rocking the boat). So I started paying attention to what I was watching as well as generally what was available to watch (various new movies, channels on TV, television networks that exist, etc).  Through doing that, I discovered two things about myself: I like watching movies/television shows and immoral behavior as well as foul language really bother me (the downside of this passion is I keep running out of space for my dvds). So what did these discoveries mean for me? One thing that keeps happening is chances to share my knowledge of movies and shows (through being asked my thoughts on a movie or show or through volunteering my opinion). Because of my belief (whether folks know or not), my views tend toward brutal honesty (in other words if I did not like a movie or show, I say so). There is too much questionable to downright wrong material on television and in some movies that more people need to stand up for pure television/movies so they can be enjoyed by all. That is why I will continue to cultivate this passion/hobby in my life.


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