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Los Swamp Monsters!



C.J. Benoit –Guitarist/Vocalist

Lori Beth Infeld -Bass

Marshall Stone –Lead Guitarist/Vocals

Mike Buffington –Drums

The Carroll Community College buddies who call themselves Los Swamp Monsters are an eclectic group of musicians that together produce some of the most unique, impressionable music in the Baltimore music scene. One second of your attention and audiences quickly realize there is something special about the 50’s-60’s genre based live band that sweetly blends Rock, Country, R&B, Rockabilly and Classic Rock to formulate something along the lines of a Rock-Country-Elvis hybrid that is absolutely and brilliantly entertaining. Lead singer C.J. Benoit explains his passion for the Toho films (famously responsible for the Godzilla franchise), redneck car chasing films, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon all came into play when naming the band. It generally reflects the attitude and love of those old genres and their continued relevance, especially in terms of branding influences on this very underrated Baltimore band. (To hear their entire interview, click on this link and have a listen for yourself.)

Hearing C.J. talk, you quickly hear the unmistakable southern twang, which seems a little out of place in the urban settings of Maryland. However, his family roots are very rural, from Georgia to South Carolina to his father’s farm in Montgomery County. C.J.’s southern accent may be interesting to listen to, but the music he and his bandmates make is irresistible. As guitarist Marshall Stone explains, “If you want an explosion of epic musical proportions, then go listen to Los Swam Monsters. It’s a blend of everything you can think of in terms of music…” And it has to be emphasized that Los Swamp Monsters are a high-energy rock band with many musical fusions encompassing their original music. They are perhaps the most unique sounding band in the entire Baltimore music scene. This Saturday night, February 15th, they play Belisimo’s in Finksburg (Carroll County) along with another Baltimore band, JVMP. Check out Los Swamp Monsters’ upcoming show schedule and visit their site for more information.

Upcoming Shows in 2014

2/15 Belisimo’s (with JVMP)

4/17 (Angel’s Rock Bar)

6/21 (Dangerously Delicious Pies)

6/28 (Belissimos)

7/19 (Shakemore Festival, hosted by Half Japanese)

8/23 (Belissimos)

11/1 (Belissimos)


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