Imperfection is the Great Equalizer


by Doug Bevins

This world is imperfect; there is no way around the truth of that statement. The news is full of the results of this imperfection as well as various celebrities’ stories from Hollywood. People like to believe that they are better than others, smarter, better at a particular activity, etc. The truth of the matter is that, in spite of what people say, none of us are perfect and to say otherwise is untrue. I firmly believe that the reason the follies of celebrities’ continue to make the news  is because people like you and me have this unmet need to feel better about themselves at the expense of others. None of us are immune from this because, whether we can admit it or not, each of us has seen a picture of Miley Cyrus with a tagline flouting some new mistake or controversy she has sparked and thought to ourselves, I am glad I did not do that or say that. Well, sad but true, we have all goofed(lusted after a cute lady, smoked dope, cursed our neighbors for using common property like it was theirs alone, etc. We may have never been caught in bed with a married celebrity but we are just as human. The difference is we might not be in celebrity circles, just average circles. But, with how imperfect this world is, the same type of problems are available basically as easily in podunk usa as in Hollywood. The solution that I am aware of is simply that the world needs to learn the concept of grace and also to quit paying attention to the mistakes of Miley Cyrus and similar individuals as a means to feel better about our personal lives. That will not work! We all have imperfect lives, have lusted after a married friend/cute lady wearing a two piece on a magazine cover. And you know what, I believe there is only one way to change this but you wont like it because it will involve sacrifice of personal wants.


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