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Take a Stand for RIGHTS

by Doug Bevins

The title could be a little ambiguous, what do I mean by taking a stand for right? First off, I do NOT mean be so closed minded that you cannot see two sides of an issue (the gun control debate, the homosexual rights debate, etc). Now, that being said here is what I do mean: find something that really irks you and be as firm as you can in taking a stand for the right in that issue (the abortion issue: abortion is murder; gun control: lobby for stricter guidelines so more columbines can be avoided; etc). Examples of issues that irk me are gun control, boycotting movies for no well thought out reason, and the homosexual debate.

Gun control irks me because shootings like Newtown, the Aurora movie theater, and the Washington Navy Yard are still happening. So if nobody wants to change the gun laws then maybe the mental health laws should be looked at and that should lead to a change in the laws (if the mental health laws are changed, it could lead to quite a few people not being allowed to own guns so be careful what you wish for).

Demonstration against G8 Summit in Le Havre

Now on to one of my personal pet peeves: boycotting movies for no well thought out reason. I hear people say do not watch Harry Potter movies because of the magic and magic is evil.  Well here is the problem with that theory (this example applies to Christians but anyone can be helped by it…I hope), that problem is that avoiding Harry Potter movies because of magic would also knock the Lord of the Rings movies off the watching list (if you have or have had problems with being sucked into magic, this does not apply to you).

I saved the one that irks me the most for last: the homosexual debate. First off, I am a believer so this portion will come through that lens. I stand on what the Bible says about the issue but that does not give me the right to go around hating those who have chosen that lifestyle. I do not hate them. In fact, like I have said in a previous article, I have three people in my life who live that lifestyle who are my friends (very cool people all three).

So, after reading the previous thoughts, where do you stand? I cannot tell you what to take a stand for as that differs person to person. As a result, the issues/sides one person chooses will not be the same issues or sides that their neighbor chose (generally speaking). So the challenge is to be willing to take a stand REGARDLESS of what is thought about you by others. If you believe it, then take a stand for it!


One thought on “Take a Stand for RIGHTS

  1. “…where do you stand?”

    I am in favor of amending the 2nd Amendment. Now it says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms …” Should be changed to “the duty of the people to keep and bear arms …”



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