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Saliva Comes to Fish Head Cantina May 3rd


Fans of Saliva, who have been nationally popular since the late 90’s, have honed in on the band’s unique aura, their signature wall of sound, and in-your-face, lyrically saturating songs. Long time frontman Josey Scott left the band in 2012, at a time when the chemistry of the band was no longer stable. His exit meant the band would either dissolve or press on with a new frontman, and follow the footsteps of other bands that had to replace their lead singer (i.e., Van Halen, AC/DC, STP, and so on). Enter Bobby Amaru, who has helped revitalize the band and has been a key component in creating an environment in which all members of the band feel at ease in the writing process -something members of band say they haven’t felt in quite some time. Guitarist Wayne Swinny has been candid about the making of the band’s latest album, Rise Up (due to be released April 29), as “just one of the most enjoyable experiences that I ever had in the music business.” Often times, bands do not fair well when faced with such an adversity as replacing a lead singer, but Saliva has emerged with a renewed energy, sound and vibe that is resonating with audiences everywhere. And the band continues to tour, bringing in new fans as well as satisfying long-time, loyal fans with both their unique sound and repertoire from their hit albums and their youthful resurgence of fresh, ballsy rock music. Amaru has definitely given Saliva the push it needed to get back in people’s faces. Their title track, “Rise Up” lifts the rebel within us all in a call to rise up and fight for the things that matter.

Saliva is coming to the Fish Head Cantina on Saturday night, May 3rd. Doors open at 6PM. The Fish Head venue provides an intimate atmosphere unlike any other in the Baltimore area. The thought of a national act playing this venue is profoundly irresistible for any music fan. This is an opportunity to see an incredible rock band with a rich history on the national scene (even getting a Grammy nod back in the day). The place to be on May 3rd is in Halethorpe; the venue Fish Head Cantina. Also appearing that night with Saliva are Wake the King and Black Angel Down. Tickets are available for $18 at or $20 the day of the show. Talk about the most bang for your buck.

Also, check out the song “Lost” on Soundcloud:


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