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Bosley: The Coolest Throwback in Baltimore



Bosley Brown makes no secret of his affinity for music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. This is quite evident in his live performances and music videos, as well as his recorded tunes. And Bosley is no ordinary local performer. The taste and quality of his show’s production is far more polished than your average local band. Every detail is taken into consideration and that goes from every note the band plays to the background people in his videos. This attention to detail and exertion of great bursts of energy make Bosley one of the most uniquely savory acts in the entire region. If one thinks there is a “classic” feel to the show, that’s because establishing it is absolutely foundational. As Bosley profoundly explains, “I want to try to make music that sounds old and new at the same time. I don’t use the retro flavor as a gimmick.”

Flash and flamboyance can get some attention for a period of time, but what captivates audiences is the vibe of the show. Certainly Bosley has the right amount of moxie to make his look work, and he also delivers some high energy, lyrically hypnotizing live performances unlike anything else in Baltimore, which is surprising since this town is known for its nostalgic underbelly. The musicians are tight, feeding off of vibrations of their illustrious frontman, and bringing back a swinging ambience in a coalescence of Elvis, James Brown and Motown. Regardless of one’s sentimentality for glory days past, what Bosley presents is a cultivation of the human soul, in the deepest realms of ourselves that yearn to let loose and embrace the heat of a room full of people, dazzled by sparkles piercing the shadows and dimness, and opening the gate to release audiences from whatever restraints and nuzzle straight on into the crowded dance floor. This is the Bosley experience and it is a must in Baltimore.

Check out the videos below for a peak at this most extraordinary performer.


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