Miley Cyrus: Lost or Completely Crazy


By Doug Bevins

We’ve all seen (and are quite possibly quite tired of) the high level of press Miley Cyrus has gained over these last years. As each article goes to press, the topics get crazier. Before I go further, there are two things many may not know: Miley is the daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus and she was raised in church (I know that does not change what she has decided to do but this article is not a critique of her so much as a warning to those who are doing the critiquing). The world puts pressure on us: need the newest car, computer, the highest paying job,  etc. But the world does not tell us the consequences of these needs: adapt to the newest ever changing fad, long hours at work, high rate of divorce, loss of integrity, doing whatever the higher ups demand, etc. The world levels all this pressure on us (whether we are  in church or not) and it is up to us to discern when too much is too much and the cost has gotten too high. Granted, none of us are perfect but that does not change the need to be discerning regarding the pressures of this world.

So how does one do this in face of a fast paced world? Two things come to mind: do not loose yourself in never ending  pursuit of things that, eventually, break, get stolen, etc and maintain personal integrity/healthy lifestyles regardless of what the world says. To go a little deeper, do not give in to the need of the newest car, be content with a car that runs and does not cost an arm and a leg to maintain/keep on the road. Trust that, regardless of what you decide to do, your true friends will stick by you. Do not give in to every whim of the world (they change daily and only cause frustration to those who try to follow the whims of the world).

So after that,  what is going on with Miley Cyrus?  Other then saying that she is an example of what not to do. It is not for me to say whether she is lost, crazy or not. The evidence speaks for itself. But the good that comes out is that her lifestyle serves as a warning to us regarding what not to do in this world.


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