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How to Beat Speed Camera Tickets


(DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, just an average citizen sick and tired of being forced to give my money unnecessarily to government scams.)

Once in a while, you get a letter in the mail from the county or city or the state, and there in all its glory is a citation with your name on it. Evidently, when you drive on certain roads, strategically placed speed cameras nab you just when you reach the 12 miles over the posted limit and BOOM, you get a ticket in the mail. Now, the $40 ticket doesn’t reflect on your driving record, no points go on your license. They say it doesn’t even get reported to your insurance company. So, why on earth do they ticket people unsuspectedly driving along, minding their own business? Is it to keep us all safe? If the reason for the tickets is to curve dangerous driving, and by mailing citations to people because  driving over the speed limit is a way to get people to drive slower, then why not give people points and inform the insurance companies? I will tell you why: BECAUSE IT IS A SCAM!

The only reason these speed cameras exist is because a network of people lobbied for it as a way for the government to generate more revenue at the expense of unsuspecting drivers. This whole thing about speed cameras is just another way BIG BROTHER is syphoning your money right from your pocket. And you should be GRATEFUL they don’t report your infraction to the insurance companies. Now, that is a load of BULL.

If you get one of these citations (or multiple citations, as has been the case for many people), you do have the option of requesting a court hearing. Now, most people would rather just pay the $40 and not have to deal with going to court. Some victims of this government scam might even feel at ease that the fine is only what it is. You can just mail a check and it’s like it never happened. But then it happens again. And again. And again. And again because the state will not rest until it sucks every penny it can out of its citizens. That’s a fact.

So, there is something we ALL can do to combat this ludicrous, legal SCAM. Everyone who gets one of these tickets should request a court hearing. This is what every victim of this citation racquet should do:

1. Check the box on the citation requesting a court hearing and mail it back to with the correct form completed.

2. Wait for the court hearing to be scheduled and you get your notice in the mail.

3. Once you have your notice, you have to notify the court that you request the speed monitoring system operator. Write this request in the form of a letter no later that 20 days prior to your hearing. (More on this later.)

4. Show up for court.

5. Enter a plea of NOT GUILTY and ask for proof the speed camera operator is actually present at the hearing. (There is usually a representative present and not the actual operator.)

6. If the operator of the speed camera assigned during the time your “infraction” occurred is not present (and 99% of the time they aren’t), the judge will have no choice but to dismiss your ticket and you walk out of the courtroom without having to pay a dime.

Now, what is very important to remember is there is a timeline. You have to submit a letter to the court at least 20 days prior to your hearing (this may vary from state to state, so check the back of your citation for clarification, but in Maryland it is 20 days). Make a copy of this letter for your records, along with the envelope you mail with the correct address of where it is to be mailed to and a stamp on it to show it is legal). It is also very important to remember to put the correct date at the top of the letter to satisfy the 20 days prior to the scheduled hearing. Below is a sample of a letter used in court and the tickets were both dismissed. Feel free to copy and paste this template and put your own information and mail it to the address indicated on your citation.

June 3, 2014

RE: Citation # 47@#$%* and # 6!$%&@#

Dear Judge or whom it may concern,

This is a request for the speed camera operators to be present at my hearing scheduled on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 9:00AM in Courtroom 1 in the 8th District Court of Maryland, 120 E. Chesapeake Ave., Towson, MD 21286. Please confirm your receipt of this request by phone (443)555-0000 or email Thank you for your time and consideration.


John Pat Citizen

License # C000-000-000-000

(443) 555-0000

123 Main St..

Baltimore, MD 21230

If everyone would do this, the courts would be over flooded with hearing requests and clog up the SCAM system. We need to do this as citizens because we are being taken advantage of. News reports about the speed camera scams have been published, but not enough people are making these hearing requests. Thus, normal, every day people are being taken advantage of and the states will continue to use speed cameras as a means to generate revenue. Do not play into their SCAMS. If you get a citation in the mail for a speed monitoring violation, do something about it. Stand up for your rights. You don’t have to pay it without a fair hearing. Play them at their own game. We are many and we can win.

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