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Are We Willful Slaves?


Everything that functions in the universe has mechanisms in place perpetually in motion, driving all things, whether something is alive or not. Forces with different properties ensure it completes its function, no matter who or what is observing it. These “forces” also ensure life forms (such as ourselves) are even capable of conceptualizing abstract notions. And it is through our perceptions that we are capable of “conceptualizing” in the first place. For all information is processed in our brains and thus, we can see the world and the universe from an eye in our minds without ever physically having to be there. We can envision places and scenarios it would be impossible for us to see in reality. Our minds, though thought to be merely blobs of gray matter throbbing with electrical impulses, give humans an incredible tool. Our minds’ abilities are hardly even realized, utilized, or fully exercised. But when one explorers the not-well-know abilities of the mind, such realizations change one’s perspective of our place as a species on this planet. As conscious beings, it is vital we understand our brains are being underutilized. For even when facing this reality, the mind itself has been conditioned to not respond to such assertions. It must shut down or change course to avoid realizing its own enslavement to mediocrity, to classical conditioning, to indoctrination of beliefs and rules that, by design, set limits on our spiritual, physiological, and conscious abilities. We have willfully relinquished our collective power through long series of brainwashing and spirit-breaking.

Perhaps it is safe to say some people on this planet know much more about human history and our place in the universe than they are divulging to the public. It is a safe assumption because very few people have such power to manipulate mankind as it does. People with a sense of entitlement and the belief they know what is best. They answer to no one on this earth, but instead engage in weird, bizarre rituals that can be understood to be Satanic in nature. Yet, as wild and crazy as that sounds, there are a great number of people who swear this is true. Reliable sources from around the world warn us of these people and their plots against humanity. It is also understood by the majority of people we are consistently being lied to by the government and the richest people in the world. You would be hard pressed to find someone that believes otherwise because most people are untrusting and weary of the super rich. They consider the common people beneath them and have no real care for doing what is right for everybody, only what adds to their wealth and power. Power and greed has plagued humankind throughout recorded history. But has it always been so? Is that what happened to the ancient civilizations? Or perhaps something so sinister happened, no one was left to tell what really happened. (Ancient Apocalypse, anyone?) Either way, we have our intuition, and for a number of people, it says we have been deceived for a long time. That isn’t paranoia; it’s trusting what instincts we have.

The true power of the human race is not known. It is not known because there are people in this world that have hindered us collectively. Our brain power, our spiritual connections have been systematically crippled in order to subdue the masses and control the abilities of us all. Our true origins, our true history, what little is known, has been kept secret to rob us of any hope that we can be greater and more powerful as a people. We are told we need governments to maintain order, to give stability, but how did we do it before? What kind of order and stability existed in past civilizations? We are merely being told a rendition of history, as told by those institutions that have interpreted old records. And if something truly amazing for the common man to know was revealed, it would (of course) be of interest to the “powers that be” to withhold that information from the public for fear it would empower the powerless. So, if we do no know what happened, if we do not question those with the knowledge, then we simply have to believe what is told to us (and most people agree those in high ranks consistently lie to the public). Their version of the truth cannot be trusted. When everything inside us is screaming that there is more to the story, we should trust our intuition. There is more to us, more than we can imagine. We can create a better world, but we have to do it collectively. Instead, we wait and live our lives oblivious to what we are really meant to do on this planet. Our existence is not to shop at department stores and buy big screen TVs. Our purpose is not to waste countless hours watching stupid television programs. Our existence is far more important, but we have been lead to believe all we are obligated to do is pay bills and be consumers. We have been conditioned to follow trends, be distracted and feel we are powerless. Well, we are not powerless, and we are not here to buy junk at a store. We are here to be extensions of our planet. Guardians, harvesters of spiritual energy, protectors of the living earth. But instead, we assist in its destruction, turn a blind eye to the horrors we inflict on it and our fellow brothers and sisters. We are selfish and tunnel-visioned, and convinced everything comes down to some political process. Well, this is the veil put over our eyes for a long time. In order to change, in order to get a more realistic perception, we must question the validity of the principles and people that govern us. Question if what we are doing is good for our planet. If the answer is no, then we MUST change course, break free from the chains of our own psychological enslavement and win back our rightful place as protectors of this world. Inaction is still taking a stand, but it is in favor of your own enslavement.

It is important to remember the enslavement of all people on this planet is a function put in motion by humans who place themselves above all others. And there are high ranking officials, even politicians, who are complicit in this agenda to keep us all distracted and focused on trivial things so as to not delve into the power of our minds. We are systematically being taught to disregard the essence of our spirit, the nature of love, and our purpose as protectors of this world and all the creatures that inhabit it. It has been one colossal mistake after another by our world leaders (and this is a reference to the ones we cannot name because they remain shrouded in mystery) throughout human history. We can assert this because only fragments of ancient civilizations exist today. And whatever truly revealing pieces of history exist, whatever grand knowledge and wisdom has been passed down through the ages, it is being kept secret, away from public open sources because its contents are likely too damaging. Not damaging to our minds and beliefs, but to the systems that keeps us dependent on the manufactured order placed. We fight for this fantasy we live. We defend it because we have been fooled into believing the lie of what we are. We are not citizens or consumers. We are spiritual beings. We are here to praise all we have access to in this world, this paradise of a planet. It is simply not a paradise for all; only a few. That is the grossest injustice of all: We are built to love and be connected with our world, our planet. And yet, everything we are obligated to do, everything we are tricked into believing, all that we willingly consume, is for naught. It means nothing if we live without purpose. And the mechanism, the system we live in is designed to keep us from our true purpose.


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