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MILFest August 9th, 2014!


Every year around this time, the buzz starts generating about the MILFest (Maryland Independent Label Festival) and some the best live bands in the Baltimore area. This is now the 8th year running and the high intensity, rocking madness, and all that encompasses a semi-outdoor live music event, manifests for an all day event (well, mostly all day). Most festivals like to boast about the headliners they feature, but as organizer of the show, Jay Slow, explains, “I couldn’t really say there are headliners. This event is designed to give musicians and fans a good time. I have changed things up a bit this year to try and spread out the larger acts throughout the entire day. For the past few years, Pasadena has been the final act of the night, but I wanted to change things up a bit this year by putting them on in the midday so I can help pull some of their fans towards the newer acts performing and to appease some of the younger crowd who have not been able to see Pasadena perform at the M.I.L.Fest so far since the event is all ages until 9pm and 21 and up after 9. I also have Bond & Bentley joining us again this year as the only act to perform every single M.I.L.Fest ever helping to close out the night along with Rodney Henrey’s band, the Cold Cold Heartbreakers. There are also many returning acts along with a few new guys who prove to be a success for this event and I am happy to have all of them with us.”

Jay Slow and countless others that have seen this event grow from its inception some 8 years ago do this work for the love of the music and the event itself. The point of the event is mainly to encourage everyone involved, from bands to fans to the event staff, to have a good time. There aren’t many festivals that are put together for this purpose, as most are mostly about profits. But MILFest is about bringing musicians and music lovers together in one place for an all out great time where memories are made and music is the PRIME focus. When asked why MILFest has enjoyed so much support, he says, “The M.I.L.Fest is a success because of the way it is put together, and the people I work with. Everyone involved, including myself has a love for the event. We are not doing this to get rich, we are doing it for a good time for all. The amazing support from the staff and the fans make it what it is.”

Some of the acts featured are Baltimore’s finest, like Pasadena and Bond and Bentley, who are always mentioned as the cream of the crop in terms of local live music. But others are also incredible in their own right. Like the mesmerizing and tremendously talented Tommy McGee Band, and one of the more eclectic and entertaining acts The Solicitors. Also appearing is the country rock act Up County Band and folk scene phenomena Skribe. This year’s MILFest is jam packed with a variety of music acts that is sure to satisfy all tastes and perhaps open people up to new sounds and vibes, which is truly what a music festival is generally supposed to do.


Up County Band (from Dundalk)

The Solicitors

The Solicitors

Tommy McGee

Tommy McGee

This year’s MILFest is sure to be a flavorsome succession of relentless vibe exerting music acts, flinging from a variety of genres. Everyone who loves music and appreciates the raw beauty of live performances is certain to receive an alleviating dose of musical medicine and stand in the threshold of soul-jarring melodies. Be one to stand in the crowds of people who still believe in the magic of live music. And do so to take in all the positive vibrations being shared with all the other kindred spirits present. Whether it be the crunch of distorted guitars, or the delectable, head-bobbing flow of grooving rhythm sections that draw you to MILFest, one thing is absolutely true: there is no other event quite like it anywhere in these parts. Remember the date: August 9, 2014 at the Fish Head Cantina (4802 Benson Ave. Arbutus, MD 21227). The show runs from 12PM (noon) to 2 AM.



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