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Divergent (Good or Bad)

This piece is an opinion/review of the movie Divergent (I will not compare the movie to the book, that is for each person who chooses to do so). The movie Divergent (released in theaters in March 2014 and to DVD in August 2014) is based off of the first book of, I believe, a trilogy of books by author Veronica Roth (the second book in the trilogy is called Insurgent and the third is called Allegiant). The movie plot/setting is very dystopian(the opposite of utopia) and places Shailene Woodley in the lead role of Beatrice Prior(after entering the faction Dauntless faction later in the movie, her name is shortened to Tris). Before I go further, I will briefly list the five factions and their corresponding trait which they value highly: Abnegation: selflessness, Erudite: intelligence, Dauntless: bravery, Amity: peace and Candor which value honesty.

The setting of the movie is a society that has been broken and torn by a war (the war happened before the movie so its not but very briefly mentioned during the film). The society into which we are introduced in the film is divided up into five factions(Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Amity and Candor). Into this world/division we, along with the main character, are thrust. The movie opens with what is called a choosing ceremony (when a person comes of age in this world, they take an aptitude test which is supposed to aid them in choosing which faction they belong in). Beatrice takes that test but, without spoiling what happens, it does not go as expected. At the ceremony she makes her choice(again no spoilers). The film takes us through the choosing ceremony, life in the lead characters chosen faction(training and acceptance into said faction), and ultimately what happens when an imperfect world tries to divide up duties which are necessary for a society to function effectively and efficiently.

In conclusion, what did I think of the movie? I thought the acting and the plot were well done. The movie as a whole was quite suspenseful with great acting on the part of the lead actress Shailene Woodley who has a very different but still gripping style of acting. All in all, a well done gripping movie but not for anyone under thirteen years old (unless their parent discerns its ok).



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