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Reading People’s Minds: It’s a Reality


Most of us are probably mortified at the notion of someone reading our minds. It’s likely we have secrets and perhaps illegal thoughts floating in our heads that we simply wouldn’t want to be exposed. They are, after all, just thoughts. But technologies are in existence currently (though, in the early, crude stages, mind you -no pun intended), but scientists are actively working on machines that essentially read people’s minds. Now, like most people, I am very suspicious of other people knowing too many details about my private life, so the idea that the government or anyone prying into my head and reading my private thoughts is somewhat nightmarish. And this isn’t the stuff of science-fiction anymore, this is really happening right now.

One scientist in particular, Dr. David Poeppel of NYU, has been working with something called Magnetoencephalography technology or “MEG,” which uses tiny bursts of magnetic energy to create electrical charges in the brain, and then records electrical activity in the auditory cortex. Someone can think of a word and the machine will record the electrical activity relative to that word. Then, the machine can distinguish that electrical pattern later on when the person thinks the same word again. And presto! Again, this program is at the beginning stages, but the prospects have generated great excitement within certain branches of governments throughout the world. Since our phone conversations are being tapped, emails being read, and our entire lives probed constantly, the next thing on the horizon are our private thoughts. And just when you thought the government couldn’t get more invasive in our lives.

What people need to know and understand is billions of dollars are being spent to refine this technology and other crazy ideas. One such entity that spends tons of our taxpayer money is the Pentagon through a program called DARPA (Defense Advance Research Projects Agency). DARPA is a force to be reckoned with. Even agencies like NASA were once a part of DARPA. For those of you who are unaware of the magnitude of DARPA, they are the ones who created what was called the Arpanet back in the 1960’s, which was a telecommunications network designed to keep scientists and the government in contact during and after  World World III. But since the Soviet Union collapsed and there seemed to be no more threats of a WWIII, they decided to make it public domain, and today we know it as the Internet.

Scientists within DARPA and research labs around the world are working toward exploiting the vulnerabilities of our brains. This is something that should not only alarm people, but also infuriate everyone. The notion that these technologies could be used to help paraplegics communicate more efficiently or people suffering from brain trauma can find some hope and relief through these technologies is the same con-artist model used by some charities to get people to give money by posting pictures of poor children and then using the money to grow their organization. There are ulterior motives here, people, and sparing some poor paraplegics is certainly not at the crux of their motivation. What these scientists and governments are after is knowing what you are thinking at all times. And it isn’t just reading your minds these people are after, they also want to telepathically communicate with people as well. Why? To absolutely control people.

For the Trekkies out there, there is an entity on the show Star Trek, The Next Generation called the Borg. Dr. Michio Kaku makes the comparison of the Borg and the prospect of mind-reading/telepathy technologies. He mentions using “nanoprobes,” which are inserted in people’s left temporal lobes, which is where speech and language takes place, via microsurgery. Dr. Kaku writes, “In Star Trek, [implants] are routinely placed into the children of the Borg at birth so that they can telepathically communicate with others. These children cannot imagine a world where telepathy does not exist. They take it for granted that telepathy is the norm.” Kaku implies people will “get used to the idea,” and thus it will just be another part of life. But life, and all that makes it a wonderful experience, is being stripped from us all bit by bit. The telepathy and mind reading technologies being developed right now are going to contribute to the overall destruction of the human experience and people should make a stand.

But like most things in our world, this plea will likely fall on deaf ears. Cases will be made the benefits of the technologies outweigh the bad. But this isn’t so. Heed this warning that troubled times are ahead and if the government or anybody possesses the power to read your minds, it will inch them ever closer to world dominance and the end of our way of life. True freedom will no longer exist or even be remotely possible without a great uprising.


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