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Frequencies: The Invisible Languages

raise-your-vibration The glory and essence of life exists in frequencies. As emotional beings, we emit various frequencies that work like non-verbal, underlying languages understood by all. Emotions, therefore, are not subject to syntactical renderings, which is probably why some emotions are nearly impossible to put into words. Feelings are brought about by what we see, touch and perceive, and often words fall short of defining what we feel. Frequencies flow through the underbelly of our exterior selves. It is how we can tell when someone is lying, and how we are fooled by others. Some people are more “in tuned” to “reading” people, and it usually comes down to what many refer to as intuition. In the same way one can become convinced of falseness in others by their body language, so can they be even more convinced by what appears to be nothing out of the ordinary (but in fact “get a funny feeling” about another individual). There is much to the story of the obliquitous “funny feeling,” and it stems from a realm of human existence that is seldom ever explored by the Lehman: The realm of consciousness.

Awareness of who we are as individuals comes with an abundance of automation. Perhaps most of us are not “programmed” to think too deeply about how and why we function like we do because it is largely irrelevant to our focus on survival and success in our society. Social relevance seems to be a prize sought after by countless members of our society, even on the lowest levels of the social pyramid, and there is little questioning of its relevance. We have become self-absorbed, self-centered, and wickedly selfish because our awareness of ourselves in this world has been steered into this framework of thought. And because our awareness is automatic, it is rather easy to influence and encourage people to promote themselves indiscriminately through every possible means, hence making things like social media absolutely relevant in every aspect of life. Because we perceive promoting ourselves as relevant, our awareness of ourselves in the social maze we exist in does not “feel” lost or confused, so long as we are engaged and receive positive reinforcements by others for it.

When you meet a person, frequencies are emitted by you and the other person. Words are exchanged, gestures are made, and body language is read. This type of human interaction is an exchange of frequencies and honestly what we are built for as humans. But interaction through technology (i.e., cell phones, social media, email, etc.) removes this exchange of frequencies and thus the only frequencies being felt by the body are those of electronic devices. As one might imagine, it can become extremely confusing for the human body to make any real assessment of individuals based on typed words on a screen. There is no body language, no human frequencies being emitted, not facial expressions or gestures to see. It is no wonder people get enraged so quickly, slinging irrational behavior through angry posts and name-calling on threads and commenting on others’ pages. The people that are quick to criticize others online likely do not behave the same way when they are in front of other individuals. Our frequencies simply would not allow it because of our awareness. Perhaps it is this fact that a part of the human experience is now lived through technology, and more specifically on the internet through social media. This “part” continues to grow, which should be alarming you more than you probably are. The more time spent online, the more of your natural self you lose. It is difficult enough to understand other people by natural means of reading each other -through frequencies and non-verbal language. But to trust technology will enhance or even replace traditional human interaction is frankly insane. All one needs to do is look around this world and feel the frequencies in the air. Sooner or later we will all become more aware of just how far we continue to slide down the rabbit hole. To be more consciously aware of who we are as people, we must connect more on a personal level. Technology, as great as it is for the advancement of our world, is rapidly disconnecting us more and more each day. There is a great imbalance in this and it cannot be ignored.

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