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Writers are curious people. They’re funny in the ways they think like hammers and speak like rivers. Our world would be less seductive if not for the fiction that distracts us all so poetically. Tales, not so unlike those narrated by our mothers and elders, persist in chiseling at our hearts through prose and illustration penned from strangers. Writers are fragile, too. They have such high standards and often implode from their own critique. They can’t help themselves. It is a side effect of their restless minds and quest for perfection in their figurative colloquy.

I understand the privation of writers because I am one. It is fundamental, in my unpretentious opinion, to step away from that arena and access many others –like being a musician or a school teacher or voice actor or researcher or a plethora of alternative labors. I find the mechanism of a single activity monotonous and so I find happiness in the motley of commitments that scantily exhaust my brutish mind. But the one thing I always come back to, the one activity that cannot be excluded from any of the others is writing. It is in everything worthwhile.

All people, literate or not, can appreciate the complexity of mastering words in their text form. Its primary application is to impart information (important or not) that can be passed on to the limitless many. You may want to convey important information out of necessity or as a public service. But to express poetic perceptions, to be cognizant of form and tempo, to deliver words like notes in a symphony for the sheer beauty and art of it, well… that is something quite exceptional and warrants applause if done well. Wordsmiths are born with a gift and a drive to publish their works to share with the world at large. Albeit for applause or praise, for money or for pure joy, all writers execute their efforts with some hope of admiration in mind. There is no shame in this. After all, writers have such deep opinions about other writers and the work they produce.

As a writer and publisher, it is with humility and optimism I wish to acknowledge the works and efforts of others in the ways I know how. Perhaps this humble site will garner more interest in the general public of the works from independent writers who are largely overlooked by the so many. This platform can provide a glimpse of some amazing wordsmiths vying for attention of their literarure –and deservedly so. Therefore, for those who are interested in interviews about their books, in the various formats that exist today, please email me an inquiry at  If you wish for a review of your book, for a very select few, I am inclined to review some. But again, please inquire first for further details.

JV Torres


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