About OWP

One World Pool is dedicated to providing relevant information about the world we live in. It is a website and forum primarily where people share enlightening information meant to better our relationships with each other. We embrace subjects like music, politics, religion, and the humanities so we can disseminate it among a vast ocean of people.

This is the place where ideas and opinions can be shared to make this world a better place to be. The water theme is used because it is the one thing that connects us all. Without water we cannot live. And since we are social creatures, communities convene where there is water. Here, we congregate as minds with opinions and visions, fear and anger, distrust and hope; thirsty for knowledge to quench our minds and embrace (if only) momentary solace. We wrestle with the ultra important and revel in trivial pleasures because we are human beings and we know no other way.

Currently, we offer what our kindred writers offer. Sometimes it is about local and regional music groups, sometimes about political issues, but the topics mirror our lives and twists and turns our brains embark on just within a day of consciousness. If we appear scattered in our subject matter it is because life is a collage of scattered fragments that paint our lives. It is HOW we are because it is WHO we are.

Our Kindred-Spirited Writers:

JV Myka, the editor, musician, teacher, and thinker of all things. His mother often said to him growing up, “Don’t think so much. Your brain will get overloaded and give yourself a headache.” But like most children, he didn’t listen, still doesn’t listen and continues to wrap his brain around everything, especially anything related to music. JV often writes music reviews for One World Pool, as well as writing about his friends Mike and Tina, social issues, and a plethora of other topics.

Doug Bevins, the reviewer, the kind soul, the crusader of change for a better world. Doug likes to review movies, TV shows, gun control and politically charged social issues.

Rayanna Christian, the story teller, the seer of blunt truths and science fiction writer. She never shies away from controversy either. Rayanna’s fictional stories have taken on cult status for some. Her series “SAMH” (about a secret government experiment on a mermaid) are her most popular posts. Be on the lookout for great things from this promising, young writer. In fact, check out her personal blog at http://mypersonalreality.blog.com/ and read what a terrific talent she is.


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