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Frequencies: The Invisible Languages

The glory and essence of life exists in frequencies. As emotional beings, we emit various frequencies that work like non-verbal, underlying languages understood by all. Emotions, therefore, are not subject to syntactical renderings, which is probably why some emotions are nearly impossible to put into words. Feelings are brought about by what we see, touch and … Continue reading

Brackish Waters / Opinions / Swirl of thoughts

Reading People’s Minds: It’s a Reality

Most of us are probably mortified at the notion of someone reading our minds. It’s likely we have secrets and perhaps illegal thoughts floating in our heads that we simply wouldn’t want to be exposed. They are, after all, just thoughts. But technologies are in existence currently (though, in the early, crude stages, mind you … Continue reading

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Sentimental Drift: Bird Brains and People

I recently had a conversation with my teenage son about his future plans. Like most teenagers, his ambitions and aspirations will be adjusted as time goes on, I convey to him. And like most teenagers, he seemed perturbed by the notion of compromise. “Everyone changes their views over time,” I explained to him. Though this … Continue reading

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Are We Willful Slaves?

Everything that functions in the universe has mechanisms in place perpetually in motion, driving all things, whether something is alive or not. Forces with different properties ensure it completes its function, no matter who or what is observing it. These “forces” also ensure life forms (such as ourselves) are even capable of conceptualizing abstract notions. And it … Continue reading